Selfie with a twist!
Selfies are always flat? No longer. They can now be in 3D as well! Want to watch favorite part of the clip of a short video by simply tilting the phone and moving the clip or rewinding it?

Want to watch a nice catch by the player again and again? In slow motion or sloooooooooooow motion? Want to save a frame from the video?
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What is Selfie180?
Selfies are fun but let's give it a 180 degree twist of excitement. Let's get interactive... produce life like selfies.

Selfies are simple two dimensional photographs without any life of their own. Selfie180 is a new type of selfie where you can see the person in almost 3D! Just by tilting your phone in left or right direction, you can rotate the person in your phone! This is the next best thing to meeting the person live.

Selfie180 is also a video player for watching short videos with duration of 10-20 seconds.

Take Your Best Selfie Video
  • Hold your phone at arm's length or on your selfie stick so that you see yourself clearly in the center of the camera screen.

  • Move your phone from your right side to your left without turning while ensuring that you are still in focus.

  • Practice this movements 2-3 times before you start recording to get accustomed to the movement and capture the best angles.

  • Look at the camera or at any fixed spot. No rules there-but don't forget to put on your best expression!

  • Now you are ready to record and let the selfie180 fun unfold!

Take A Great Video Of Your Friend
  • Hold your phone camera close enough to your friend so that he or she is in focus.

  • Start recording by focusing on a specific area such as the face of the person.

  • Then move your camera to your left while still focusing on the same area.

  • Stop; Save and let Selfie180 fun unfold for you and your friend!

  • Share it with your friend.
Take A Friends Group Video
  • Let the group of friends sit or stand in a line.

  • Start recording from the right side of the line and move to the end of the line while drawing an arc as shown in the picture.

  • Stop; Save and let Selfie180 fun unfold for you and your group of friends!

  • Share it with your friends on their phones or on Facebook.

Share My Video
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  • Post it on your Facebook wall or Instagram.

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About Us
Affingo Technologies LLP is a product and software services organization located in Pune, India. It has developed patent pending technology for viewing selfie in a new way. If you are interested in using Selfie180 technology in your products or in marketing activities, send us a message. Let us show you how we can help in helping you in your marketing activities.
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